What're Iron-on Patch & Velcro Patch

1. What's the Difference Between Iron-on Patch and Velcro Patch?

It is only their backs that are different:

Same embroidery front, and their different back of velcro patch (loop & hook) and iron on patch (glue)


Now check more in the video:


2. What's iron-on embroidery patch

Can be heat transferred on fabric with a heat press machine or a household iron because there is a glue backing which is melted when heat up so that patch and fabric can stick together .

Also called sewn-on patch. You can sew it on fabric for permanent attachment to your clothing.

How do I heat apply iron-on patch with a household iron


How do I heat apply iron-on patch with a heat press


3. ​What's Velcro Patch?

Also called tactical patch or morale patch

With loop and hook backing, allows patch easily attach to something, all you need to do is to peel off its backing and attach to the article you want to decorate.

How do I apply velcro patch?

Just peel off loop part on the back, and attach it to item (with a loop accessory) you want to decorate

Instruction video


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