Dear customers, here are your discount coupons that you can apply:

More than 30USD, normal shipping will be FREE.

More than 100USD, expedited shipping will be FREE.

Redemption Code for 10% off discount for at least 100USD: 100coupon

Redemption Code for 15% off discount for at least 150USD: 150coupon

Redemption Code for 20% off discount for at least 200USD: 200coupon

Redemption Code for 30% off discount for at least 300USD: 300coupon

Redemption Code for 35% off discount for at least 500USD: 500coupon

Redemption Code for 40% off discount for at least 1500USD: 1500coupon

Please type your Redemption Code into the box next to "Redemption Code" at the end of checking out. Your coupon will be applied to the total and reflected in your cart after you click update.



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